One of the features that caught my attention is the way the translucent plastic bends down towards the lens.  This provides better rap around light when working with macro photography.  Many of the ring lights I have used only have the light open on the front.

Dot-Line 60 LED Ring Light Review

Last fall I was at my local camera store when I saw the Dot-Line LED ring light.  I was not sure how I felt about the idea of an LED light.  I had heard mixed reviews about LED lights in general.  Specifically a friend who is a DP (Director Of Photography) for video work told […]

DoF Calculator, A macro photographers friend

I have a great app on my IPhone that I would like to share with you, the Martin Bailey Photography App.  Martin Bailey is an awesome photographer with an incredible body of work.  He has done some great flower close-ups as well as inspiring wildlife photography around the world. Among the features included in the […]

Micro 4/3 Lensbaby

While both Olympus and Panasonic offer several interesting macro options, they aren’t the only tools available to Micro Four Thirds shooters who want to be creative with their close up photography. One “outside the box” approach is the Lensbaby Composer system. There are a couple of approaches with this lens. Lensbaby offers a set of […]

ThinkTank Shape Shifter Review

The search for the perfect camera bag is a quest that all photographers share. I can’t count how many bags I have tried over the years. What I have discovered is there is no perfect bag, no jack-of-all-trades. You will end up with an assortment of different bags in your stable for different purposes. That […]

Macro Focusing Rails

Focusing rails are by far one of the most useful tools available to the macro photographer.  They allow you to make several different changes to your focusing point and image composition without having to move the tripod or camera stand.  You can tweak little aspects of your images without having to start from scratch because […]

Micro 4/3 60mm 2.8 macro

When it comes to getting started in macro photography figuring out what kind of gear to buy is usually limited by the photographer’s gear budget. Finances permitting, buying a high quality camera maker’s dedicated macro lens is usually the ideal choice. For those on a tighter budget, there are other viable options. While these tools […]

Shooting Macro with Micro Four-Thirds

Micro Four-Thirds system cameras are capable of excellent macro photography images. While the smaller format does have some disadvantages when compared to dSLRs, they also make life easier for the macro photographer too, particularly when it comes to portability. After years of carrying heavy camera bags, my back, shoulder, and hips protest a bit too […]

The 100 mm Macro Lens

Of all of the macro lenses I have the Canon 100mm f/2.8L IS USM is the lens I pull out of the bag more often than any other. There are many focal lengths on the market today and they each have their purpose. You can get anywhere from a 40mm to 200mm lens capable of […]

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